Salem Maritime National Historic Site

On March 17, 1938, Salem Maritime National Historic Site was the first national historic site established by the National Park Service. Its purpose is to promote the maritime history of NewEngland and the United States and preserve part of the historic waterfront in Salem, Massachusetts. Together, this collection of wharves and buildings tells the story of the enslavement of Indigenous people and people of African descent, the development of colonial port towns, the importance of international trade to the early economy of the United States, and the connection between maritime trade and growing industrialization. Today, just some of the original buildings remain the U.S. Custom House, Hawkes House, Derby House, St. Joseph’sHall, Narbonne House, and the West India Goods Store. Unique to the park is the replica tall ship the Friendship of Salem that docks on Derby Wharf where visitors can learn about the original Friendship that made 15 voyages to countries including China, Indonesia, India, Venezuela, Spain, and Russia.

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